FAQs on Using Glyburide Metformin

Lactic acidosis is a fatal condition that can rarely be contracted with use of Metformin medication. If you experience any one of the symptoms generally connected with lactic acidosis such as severe drowsiness, extreme fatigue, muscle pain, chills, cold/blue skin, breathing difficulties or irregular and slow heartbeat, refrain from taking this drug and get medical help immediately.

Patients who suffer from medical conditions with their liver or kidney, complications occurring with poor circulation, or low oxygen blood levels, suffered recent heart attacks, congestive heart failure or strokes, consume excessive alcohol, suffer from dehydration, serious infections, and recent surgery or are subjected to iodinated contrast drug injected during scanning, or X-ray procedures, are all likely to develop lactic acidosis. Your doctor should be notified immediately you notice a change in your health condition. Metformin may be temporarily stopped. Elderly people of 80 years or more may be at a high risk if they have not had their kidneys tested. (Check out the sections on Precautions and Side Effects.)

How should Glyburide Metformin be used?
Swallow the pill with water along with your meals. Directions are provided on the label of the prescription. Make sure you take it regularly at the same hour daily and do not overdose.

Check with the paediatrician about the dosage require for Glyburide Metformin for children as they require special care.

Patients who are about 65 years of age may require less dosage than younger adults may.

OVERDOSE: You should immediately notify any poison control unit or rush to emergency room immediately.

NOTE: Do not take the liberty of offering this medication to others as it is prescribed for you.

What happens when a dose of Glyburide Metformin has been skipped?
Try to take one dose immediately you remember. If the time for taking the next dose is close, then take only that dose. You should not take extra or a double dose for any reason.

What symptoms should I be wary about when taking Glyburide Metformin?
Regular check-ups are a must for the doctor to notice the progress made. Take your blood sugar often. Notify the healthcare provider if the blood sugar levels drastically increase as you may need to change the medicine dosage. The dosage may also need to be increased if you over-exercise or fall sick. Never skip meals and check with your doctor about consumption of alcohol. If you feel your blood sugar levels dropping, swallow some sugar or sugary drink and get in touch with your doctor immediately. You can suffer from a seizure or fall unconscious, which should immediately be informed by the family members, to your doctor. They should be aware if you choke on your food or drink to take remedial action immediately.

Your skin is much more sensitive to the sun when you take Glyburide Metformin. Try to stay away from the sun and use sunscreen and protective gear if you cannot help going out. Refrain from using tanning booths, sun lamps or beds.

It is important to wear a chain or bracelet that states you are a diabetic with your identification details and a card that lists your medications.


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